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Michael Frankland

Michael Frankland

British /

Comedian Michael Frankland


Southern happy-go-lucky Michael Frankland regularly joins the cast of One Off Comedy’s pro guests.

An award winning comedian who has performed up and down the UK, Europe and the US for a number of years, he has no qualms ridiculing anything in his decidedly blunt stand up, least of all himself.

With a delivery as slick as an oiled snake and jokes as sharp as his suits, he offers up unique and witty observations from his Netflix-addicted granny to musings about vagina-flavoured ice-cream.

Character traits

Unperturbed by peer pressure.

Will keep you guessing on whether he is going to trade you something from his farm or from the stock market.

Random fact

He was so bad at school that his GSCE results spell the word F.U.D.G.E.

What fans say

“I laughed so hard I got a six-pack”

“What a bearded-legend, when can we see more” 

“I would buy him a beer for what he said to my boyfriend, putting in his place”



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