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Michael Hackett

Michael Hackett

British /

British stand up comedian Michael Hackett


Manchester-born, One Off Comedy’s front showman has performed stand up worldwide.

A 6″7′ giant at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he hosted Oktoberfest to 2,500 people and released a bestseller book: ‘Gobsmacked!’

Previous to comedy he failed as a dentist, was kicked out of French Clown School and briefly joined the circus (a normal career path, for sure).

Character traits

Cheeky as anything, he has the ego of Magic Mike, but lacks the moves or the muscles.

Trouble invariably follows him everywhere.

Random fact

After a trapeze accident broke his left testicle, rendering him damaged goods, he finally pick up the mic.

What fans say

“He’s like a cross between Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle, but with a Manc accent, love him!”

“Bad father, worse husband but so funny” 

“My mum wants his babies and I know why”



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