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One Off Comedy

One Off Comedy is an independent British touring group.

A new animal bound to no one and dependent on no one but our audiences and their beautifully loud, belly-aching, tear-producing laughter.

It was born in 2017 out of the desire of British comedian Michael Hackett and German promoter Alex Daff to re-capture the essence of comedy as raw honest fun.

At the same time, the two were determined to create amazing professional comedy shows for the delight of audiences everywhere.

Successful at connecting with audiences anywhere and with news spreading about how good their shows were, the group’s core comedians, Michael Hackett, Johnny Wardlow and Mat Wills, all three immortalised on the group’s First Logo, were steadily joined by prized Guests – who you may already recognise from the ‘screens’ or will soon  😉 

One Off Comedy Logo

When it comes to the Talent, comics are handpicked based on one condition: how truly funny they are.

Together with their team and partners, the group put on yearly live tours, featuring different one-off hilarious stand-up comedy sets (their First-Visit Specials and their Return Specials) as well as some of the most talented professional comics in the country = Hundreds of unrepeatable, distinct, wildly fun, best-friends’ get-togethers. One Off Comedy.

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