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About One Off Comedy

One Off Comedy Logo

One Off Comedy is a British touring comedy company/club

It was founded back in 2017 by British comedian Michael Hackett and German promoter Alex Daff.

Looking at mainstream comedy, they realised it was no longer speaking to real people. Filtered and bland, it seemed to only cater to what sounds good online as opposed to what most people truly think. It had lost its authenticity as raw honest fun.

Determined to recover the essence of comedy, they built a team to produce top quality shows that surpassed the audience’s enjoyment and expectations. The very name One Off Comedy embodies this unique one-of-a-kind experience.

The core talent of One Off Comedy was formed by Michael Hackett, Johnny Wardlow and Ric Wharton, all three now immortalised on the company’s logo. News on how good their shows were spread like wildfire. Due to increasing demand, prized guest regulars Mat Wills, Michael Frankland and Adam Morrison soon joined the cast a well as other pro comics.

When it comes to the talent, comics are handpicked based on one condition: how truly funny they are. 

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